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Free Karate Class Start Today



Mahato Karate Shuri-te Shaolin  Teens to Adult

 Self Defense Training

  • Aki Jutsu (joint locking),
  • Kyusho Jutsu (pressure point hitting) which is taught to higher-ranking Yudansha (black belt).
  • Kobudo –– Weapons based training
  • Iai-do – Kenjutsu – Samurai Sword training.
  • Shuri-te / Shaolin Karate-do

Start your martial art journey to earn your Black Belt at a world recognized dojo.

Our Age Appropriate Beginner Programs empower the students ability to learn and develop new skills

Small Samurai ages  3-6 and  ages 6-12  & Kidini Karate ages 3-6 

This is our age-appropriate Karate programs for Pre-teens ages 6 to 12 and  pre-school kids ages 3-6

The emphasis is on self-discipline and empowering self-confidence taught in traditional martial arts class setting. Teaching the core martial art skills necessary to advance to a world-recognized Black Belt.

Implementing Safe, Fun, and Exciting Martial Art challenges to help keep the students motivated to come to class

Kobu Power Cardio Strength Training  & Karate Box Kickboxing

The workout that could save your life. Your workout is your self-defense training and your self-defense training is your workout KoBu Power has resistance-based Samurai cardio-kickboxing moves that sculpt the body and will burn more calories than most kickboxing fitness classes.

KoBu’s weighted resistance training will achieve firm and tone muscles. Scientific studies indicate that cardio-strength training helps increase metabolism that will promote the shrinkage of fat cells even when not exercising.

The program begins with n featuring warm-up exercises, power stretching, punches, basic kicks, punching and kicking combinations, breathing, and kata. . The program requires no equipment and is suitable for beginners.