New Student Free Karate Class

New Student Free Karate Class


Our Age Appropriate Beginner Programs empower the students ability to learn and develop new skills
age-appropriate Karate programs for pre-school kids ages 3 to 6 and Pre Teens ages 6 to 12

For Teens and Adults Our system is known for its fast and powerful techniques:

Aki Jutsu (joint locking),
Kyusho Jutsu (pressure point hitting) which is taught to higher-ranking Yudansha (black belt).
Kobudo –– Weapons based training
Iai-do – Kenjutsu – Samurai Sword training.
Shuri-te / Shaolin Karate-do
Start your martial art journey to earn your Black Belt at a world recognized dojo.
The emphasis is on self-discipline and empowering self-confidence taught in traditional martial arts class setting. Teaching the core martial art skills necessary to advance to a world-recognized Black Belt.

Implementing Safe, Fun, and Exciting Martial Art challenges to help keep the students motivated to come to class.”

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Welcome and thank you for coming to our site
I am Michael Ray Graves , Shihan of the Mahato Karate Association.
My passion is teaching others how to achieve strength in both the body and mind. My journey started in 1973 with my sensei Jerry Barbar, Shihan of te Mahato Karate Association and continued with the opening of the Delaware Mahato Karate Association in 1984. My leadership and dedication lead me to become captain of the USA Karate Team from 1990-1996. My hard work was recognized in 1997 when I was inducted into the USA KARATE Hall of Fame and even continues into today as I was awarded the 2019 USA Karate Pioneer of Karate in the Olympics award.

My business achievements have gone beyond just the Mahato Karate Association. I have been a content creator with the production of my two recognized workout programs, Karate Box and Kobu Power, as well as my bully prevention program, Kidini Karate. Both workout programs were featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, Comcast, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Shape, Edge, Oxygen, and Forbes magazine. My outreach endeavors for Kidini Karate have been recognized nationally and allowed me to teach the program at schools and conventions across the United States.