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Mahato Karate Association
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Monday - Friday
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  • KARATEDO: empty hand
  • KOBUDO: Okinawa Weapons

  • AKIJUTSU: grappling-joint locking-throwing
  • KENJUTSU: Samuari Sword

Mahato Karate  Shuri-te  Shaolin  Adult & Juniors class

Our system is known for its fast and powerful techniques:

  • Aki Jutsu (joint locking),
  • Kyusho Jutsu  (pressure point hitting) which is taught to higher-ranking Yudansha (black belt).
  • Kobudo ––Weapons based training
  • Iai-do  -Kenjutsu  –Samurai Sword training.
  • Shuri-te / Shaolin Karate-do

Start your martial art journey to earn your Black Belt at a world recognized dojo.
Our Age Appropriate Beginner Programs empower the students ability to learn and develop new skills



This is our age-appropriate Karate programs for pre-school kids to Pre-teens ages 3 to 12. The emphasis is on self-discipline and empowering self-confidence taught in traditional martial arts class setting. Teaching the core martial art skills necessary to advance to a world-recognized Black Belt. Implementing Safe, Fun, and Exciting Martial Art challenges to help keep the students motivated to come to class.”


Family Karate Class

Family Karate is a fun and family-oriented class. This class is an opportunity for Mom and Dad to get off the benches and in on the fun and take class alongside their children. Families will be given the opportunity to compete with each other in Kata, Kumite, and other Karate related games. This is a truly unique way to bond with each other as a family and make sure everyone has a little fun in the process.


Delaware Karate Team

The Delaware Karate Team/ Olympic Karate Training is comprised of students from various schools in the state of Delaware. Team members are aged 6 to over 40 years old and have a wide range of belt ranks and skills, but they are bound by their desire to compete in local and national events to compete and improve their skills and understanding of Traditional Karate. The Delaware Karate Team meets each Saturday Mahato Karate in  Claymont. The team members compete in USA-NKF TEAM TRAILS & sponsored events. The team also performs demonstrations for various clubs, organizations, businesses and youth activities.


KarateBox KickBoxing Workout

Karate Box – Shihan Graves’ techniques employ ancient martial arts methods and offer a safe, fun, and effective workout. Music enhances the kicking and punching training exercises while helping participants to maintain balance and pace. The program begins with a ten-minute instructional session featuring warm-up exercises, power stretching, six different punches, basic kicks, punching and kicking combinations, breathing, and kata. Following the introduction, Graves leads participants through the 40-minute Karate Box workout. The program requires no equipment and is suitable for beginners.


KoBu Power

The workout that could save your life. Your workout is your self-defense training and your self-defense training is your workout KoBu Power has resistance-based Samurai cardio-kickboxing moves that sculpt the body and will burn more calories than most kickboxing fitness classes. KoBu’s weighted resistance training will achieve firm and tone muscles. Scientific studies indicate that cardio-strength training helps increase metabolism that will promote the shrinkage of fat cells even when not exercising.


Achieve Peace and Harmony

Building every student’s confidence and character through the training of Body, Mind, and Spirit.