Small Samurai Karate (ages 6-12)

Small Samurai Karate (ages 6-12)


Small Samurai Children’s Karate

Small Samurai Children’s Karate is an age-appropriate Karate program for students ages 3 to 6 and 6 to 12. Students study Shuri-te Shaolin Karate, which originates in Okinawa, Japan, and is known for its fast and powerful techniques. Through safe, fun, and exciting Martial Arts challenges, we cultivate self-confidence, self-discipline, and provenly-effective self-defense.

Classes are offered on Saturday mornings at 9:30am (beginner) and 10:00am (advanced), and Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:45pm (beginner) and 6:15pm (advanced).

Your child will learn an Olympic Karate curriculum, including, these skills and more:

  • Compassion for others, self-confidence, and self-discipline
  • How to escape danger (i.e. making a plan; educated running) and when it’s right to fight
  • Kihons (basic moves) – mastering the the building blocks of Shuri-te Shaolin Karate-do
  • Kata (forms) – combining kihons with movement, discipline, and power
  • Bunkai – practical self-defense applications of kehones and kata
  • Kobudo – weapons-based training with an emphasis on bojutsu (bo staff), nunchaku (nunchucks), sai kobudo, tonfa kobudo, and iai-do/kenjutsu (samurai sword training)
  • More advanced techniques of yukime (break-falling), aki jutsu (joint locking), and kyusho jutsu (pressure point hitting, which is only taught to higher-ranking Yudansha (black belt))

The lessons, confidence, and skill set that training at Mahato Karate can provide to your child will have lasting effects far beyond fitness, fun, and safety. At the heart of Mahato Karate is the idea of training of Body, Mind, and Spirit to ultimately achieve inner peace and harmony. Shihan Michael Graves, owner and head trainer of Mahato Karate in Wilmington, has a saying to emphasize the need for dedicated practice: “Learn once, practice 1,000 times. Practice 1,000 times to do once.” In other words, while the practical need for martial arts techniques may never present itself, once a person’s execution of those techniques is improved and eventually mastered, the benefits on and off the mat are manifold.

Start your martial arts journey to earn your Black Belt at a world recognized dojo!

Everyone participates in each karate class.

Ninja turtles are real and they live here at Mahato Karate.